Colouring in the Words

So far I’ve accomplished three things this week, seriously hurting my neck from trying to do an 8 minute abs work out, getting an abysmally low score on a pub quiz and beginning going over my book. I’m sure my neck and general knowledge will get better and but my book’s a bigger problem.

Just to catch you up if you haven’t read my previous post, I’m writing a book about five recent graduates who steal a load of money to help them get by in a time where they have no idea what to do next, so of course thievery seems like the best option available. It’s supposed to be funny and a bit ridiculous but have enough heart to relate to the graduates out there going through the same thing (minus the robbing).

So far, I can say the writing’s not bad (yay) almost good the more the story progresses but I work on that later. My concern now is that the story isn’t substantial enough, it feels a bit flimsy. I’ve got good motivation, I’ve got well rounded characters and I have a clear plot but my story still feels a bit thin (unlike me because I’m unable to do anymore exercise – damn my weak core).

I’m one of those freaks who likes grammar, I actually enjoyed editing essays at uni, but editing the big picture and moulding the plot is so much harder than fixing sentences. I wish I could lay my whole book out in front of me and absorb everything at once but no visual metaphors are helping right now. My lack of objectivity here is a big problem, I’m too close to tell whether it’s a good story, I’m finding problems everywhere and mucking about with sentences where I should be fixing content. My confidence is ebbing and my nerves are frayed from a whole load of small, medium and big spiders appearing at very inconvenient times.

When I’ve read the whole thing once, whether I’m happy with it or not, I’ll hand it over to someone else to read, namely my good friend (and the superior writer) Phoebe. I can trust her to be brutally honest with me and she can trust me not to get all offended and cry. I’m essentially asking her to strip my story down and point out every flaw she sees, it’s not going to pretty but it will be helpful. I figure I’m in for a lot of criticism down the line so I may as well begin it with my friends, who will hopefully be gentle.

I need your help too! If you were reading a graduate story like this, what kind of things would you want in it? What do you think would give it meat (so to speak)? Any comments and anecdotes are more than welcome!

(Apologies for the aesthetics of my blog – I’m new to wordpress and I’ll make it look nicer once I figure it out a bit more!)

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